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Within Texas there are 7 different regions that split the state making it like a whole other country with very diverse attractions. Ambush is glad to become a part of Texas with Ambush Mag and AMBUSHonLINE. The Texas market opened back in December 1997. Through leadership and communication efforts of Representative, Eric A. Crabtree, Austin's media and picture coverage of Gay and Lesbians were brought to the Gulf South States and the world. Future expansion includes supporting a Houston and Dallas representative as well as opening the San Antonio market and possibly, El Paso. For now, Ambush continues to become the fast growing Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Publication for both Austin and Houston. Individual cities along with state organizations may be found under their prospective links under

Because Texas is so vast in size, the second largest state of the union outside Alaska, the state is split into seven different climate regions with each as diverse in its culture and communities as the other. The largest cities in Texas with several million in population include, Houston, Dallas / Ft Worth Metro area and San Antonio. Austin is comparatively smaller in population as the capital of Texas with only over a million people living in the metropolitan area. The country of Mexico borders Texas to the south, Louisiana - east, New Mexico - west and Oklahoma to the North. Starting inside the state, over in West Texas there is the Big Bend Country around El Paso then the Panhandle Plains up on the Panhandle near Lubbock & Amarillo. The upper center part of the state around Dallas/ Ft Worth and Waco hosts the Prairies and Lakes region. Dropping down into Austin and San Antonio, you have the Texas Hill Country. Over to the right near Houston is the start of the Piney Woods Region, and down along the coast near Galveston onto South Padre Island is the Gulf Coast Region. Rounding out the state down in the lower Rio Grande Valley is the South Texas Plains.

The State bird of Texas is the Mocking Bird with the state flower as the Bluebonnet. The Yellow Rose of Texas is not the state flower, however it has been immortalized in song and film. The motto of Texas is friendship, or as Texas used to be known as by the native Indians, "Tejas," meaning the friendly state. Although Texas is a like a whole different country, it was originally owed by 6 other countries throughout it's birth. The Six Flags over Texas included such owners like Spain who first claimed Texas in 1519, then France, The Independence of Mexico and the American settlements. Texas then became The Republic of Texas, and then into the Federal Union as the 28th state. (1845-1861) On February 1, 1861, Texas seceded from the Federal Union but re- entered after the Civil War in 1865 and continues to be the Lone Star State to the present day.

Visitors or even native Texans may obtain a free, 288-page, full-color, Texas State Travel Guide filled with information on more than 400 Texas cities, towns, and attractions. Visitors may also obtain a free Virtual Reality CD-ROM Guide to Texas. Both items may be received from the Texas Tourism Department by calling 1.800.8888.TEX in the United States or by mail at Texas Department of Economic Development - Texas Department of Transportation at: PO Box 12728, Austin, TX 78711-2728. Registration for both the free guide and CD may be also obtained via the web at: Other web links featuring great Texas cities, towns, attractions, lakes and parks travel, gift items, sports, lodging, restaurants, tours, events etc. may be at the following web links. Thanks for sharing Texas and remember the Alamo!

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